Ebay news: Camaro Meets Batmobile

Fancying a GM classic with a little more, ahem, pizazz than your run-of-the-mill F-Body Chevrolet Camaro? Welcome to the wonderful world of eBay and the DreamRyder (that's how the owner spells the name of the car).
The DreamRyder is the creation of one Bill Logan who used a V8-powered 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible as a base. Logan says he spent 13 years to complete all the customizations, which include a fiberglass body said to be inspired by a number of animals such as the bat ray and the eagle.
The DreamRyder is up for sale on eBay at an undisclosed reserve price, with the highest bid currently standing at $5,900. Head down for more photos, a video and the seller's description of the car.

eBay Seller's Description:
"Built on an "F" body 82-92 Camaro over a 13 year period, I consider it functional art.
So my work is an animalistic representation in the form of a sphinx like creature, crouching between its flanks, about to pounce. In the front is a face with a beak, fangs and eyes.
The roof is kind of a bat ray with an eagle like head and its body spread out behind it, embracing the rear window and ending in a sweeping transition into a creatures buttocks in the rear.
All the lights are functional and are fiberglass as is the rest of the body as are the side pipes.
I have built a set of molds so I can reproduce any part I might need. I am considering building an enhanced version eventually.
It is a driver and a traffic stopper and is very well received at shows."



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