Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi 165Hp by Loder1899

Bavarian tuner Loder1899 has developed a new sport package for the recently facelifted European Ford Focus. The bodykit, which is available on all three and five-door variants expect for the ST, consists of a front spoiler, a rear diffuser, a roof spoiler and side skirts combined with 5-spoke alloy wheels (17 to 20-inch) and a 35mm lowering kit. In addition, the Bavarian tuner offers an engine upgrade kit for the 2.0 diesel version that gains an extra 30 Hp thanks to the new ECU and sport exhaust system.

Brilliance BS4 Wagon

It may look like a BMW and it may be produced by a company that builds BMW’s Chinese-market cars, but fact is, it’s not a bimmer. These pictures supposedly show the station-wagon version of Brilliance’s BS4 compact sedan that is scheduled to make its global premiere at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show on April 20. And why supposedly may you ask; well, while we found these pics on several Chinese sites this morning, some details like the phony-looking alloy wheels, the fact that the car has only one roof-bar along with the Italian license-plates make us wonder whether or not these pics are the product of photoshop. We’ll know soon enough.

Lamborghini Murcielago Crash – China Style

A car crash is an unpleasant site - whatever the make or model. However, we must admit that we tend to feel worse when it involves exotic cars like this Lamborghini Murcielago that bit the dust somewhere in China. Ironic detail: the flowers seen in the picture above were not placed by some random folks or by the owner of the car in memory of the Lambo.
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