Casino Royale Aston Martin DBS by Anderson Germany

The Aston Martin DBS is currently enjoying is farewell lap as it gears up for a new generation model that will be launched next year. We have already heard of the DBS Ultimate edition making its way to Aston Martin showrooms, but now German tuner Anderson has added their own special interpretation to the mix. The Casino Royale edition draws its inspiration from the James Bond movie from 2006 and is based on Anderson's DBS Platinum Grey. It boasts an exterior livery as its base model's name suggests and also gets a set of 21-inch shiny gray wheels. The engine has received a few extra ponies with the installation of a new exhaust system that is 21kg lighter than the factory version. It results in a power output increase from the base 517PS(380kW/510hp) up to a respectable 572PS(421kW/564hp). Inside the cabin, Anderson has installed an array of elements that gives the model a more exclusive look, many of which are made from carbon fiber. They include updates to the ventilation, cup holders, door handles, ashtrays, door sills, steering wheel, handbrake and center console as well as a black alcantara upholstery with bronze diamond-shaped welt.

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